Become a Quitter

Everything has felt like a rollercoaster lately. Stress: missed my flight to Vegas –> Fun: Vegas room upgrade!! –> Stress: cut my foot on glass –> Fun: VEGAS (in general) –> Stress: panic attack on flight home from vegas –> Fun: great 1st day of orientation …the list goes on. I always forget how crazy … More Become a Quitter

A Captured Heart

Recently, I had two of my best friends come to visit me in Phoenix. The last day they were here, we had planned a sunrise hike to the peak of Camelback Mountain – a notoriously hard but very popular trail. Truthfully – I was the one who had planned it, had it all figured out, … More A Captured Heart

Wild Living

Do you ever just get so unbelievably frustrated with yourself? Like you make the same mistake over and over, long after you should’ve learned from it? Dude, me too (at least I hope I’m not the only one). I like to sit and dwell in my anger. I like to throw a little pity party … More Wild Living

Love Them Anyway

Today we’ve got some deep stuff. Buckle up. I recently heard a woman talking about how we equate toughness, especially in women, with strength. We think that strong women are “Bad Bitches” – girls who are sarcastic, speak harsh words, and don’t let anything get to them. This is the girl I sought to be. … More Love Them Anyway

Mark 10:28

Who’s excited for my first post in over a month?? 🙂 I’m coming to you from 30,000 feet above the ground right now. I have a weird thing about flying. I am PETRIFIED of heights – like I can just look at a picture taken from the edge of a cliff and my palms start … More Mark 10:28